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    Ocean Pines MD Real Estate For Sale Find your perfect place to call home, or your perfect getaway - in Ocean Pines!

    Ocean Pines is a premier residential community nestled on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in Northern Worcester County. With over 9 miles of waterfront property on 3,000 acres of woods, and amenities throughout the community including pools, a yacht club and so much more, this coastal community is just minutes from the beaches of Ocean City.

    The vision of Ocean Pines is to be a premier resort community, offering exceptional value and quality of life to property owners who are diverse in age, economic status and interests, and to primarily provide residents the facilities, services and amenities that are attractive, affordable, safe and enjoyable.

    Search for Ocean Pines Waterfront or Interior properties with ease.

    Today, there are approximately 8,452 platted lots in the community with about 12,000 full-time residents and 8,000 part-time residents and associated guests living and participating in Ocean Pines. Learn more about the many neighborhoods of Ocean Pines by starting your search today!